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A stamp, irrespective of its time and space, communicates with the viewer and user of a specific history, geography, people, and culture. It is a miniature motif that illuminates a certain ethos and character of an assured group and place. Though small, stamps are primary ingredients in building a state and unifying a group of people. They generate great revenue in the country in which it is produced adding monumental economic growth to the country’s finances. Countries can advance, commerce and grow with each other in part due to the free exchange of goods with the help of postage stamps. Stamps are tremendous effort for a nation to spread its identity, culture and achievements to its citizens and the world.


For Stamps of Somalia: Illuminating a Nation, Haider designed and exhibited 56 Somali postage stamps with categories such as historical and national monuments, regional/state maps, the alphabet of the Somali language, religious and cultural artifacts, and common animals found in Somalia. With this project, Haider experimented and envisioned Somali design aesthetics in each category of the stamps to unify them.

The Stamps of Somalia is a personal project which Haider also completed as his design thesis research for the completion of Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the College of Design, University of Minnesota in May 2017. Captured in media: 1. University of Minnesota | 2. Fox 9 News | 3. College of Design