Cedar–Riverside Neighborhood

(specific locations TBA)



July 8 — August 5, 2017



Friday–Sunday, 4pm – 8:30pm




Receptacle is an exhibition that features work by thirteen Somali North American visual artists, and, at its core, serves to activate the site of exhibition through direct engagement and participation of its audience past the artwork. Central to the focus of their work, participating artists — throughout the creative process —will use every opportunity to embed avenues for collaboration with their audience. This artistic exercise and the final program acts as a receptacle for gathering questions, fostering appreciation, and incubating new ideas while ensuring a valuable connection between place and people.



1. Aziz Osman— Painting, Minnesota USA

2. Abdi Roble— Photography, Minnesota USA

3. Ifrah Mansour— Mixed Media, Minnesota USA

4. Kaamil Haider— Visual Design, Minnesota USA

5. Mohamed Hersi— Painting, Minnesota USA

6. Khadijah Muse— Urban Landscape, Minnesota USA

7. Mohamud Mumin— Photography/Art Installation, Minnesota USA

8. Mohamed Samatar— Performance, Minnesota USA


9. Sahra Hirad— Painting, Alberta, CAN

10. Khadra M. Yusuf— Painting, Toronto, CAN

11. Famo Musa— Photography, California, USA

12. Ali Halane— Ceramics/Lithography, Missouri, USA

13. Mohamed Bowe— Painting, North Carolina, USA

14. Tari Tarey— Photography, Ohio. USA

15. Sohair Barud— Photography, Ohio, USA



The exhibition will have, aside from the artworks, public programing that consists of, but not limited, guest speaker, panel discussions, artist talks every weekend throughout the duration, and visitors will have an opportunity to see the artwork displayed and be able to talk to the artists about their respective work.



The exhibition and its secondary activities are free for all community members.


The exhibition is made possible with the Visual Arts Fund, a grant program established by Midway Contemporary Art with generous support from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Soomaal House of Art is a Minnesota-based Somali art collective that provides studio space, studio critiques, artistic community, mentorship for emerging Somali artists and a final exhibition space with educational programs.

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