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Kaamil A. Haider


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Born in Somalia and now based in Minneapolis, graphic designer and visual artist Kaamil A. Haider applies a holistic approach to art and design while exploring the human interaction with designed entities. In his ongoing project, Stamps of Somalia: Illuminating a Nation, Haider designed and exhibited 56 Somali postage stamps. In addition, he actualized one of the stamps, the Somali Youth League (SYL), into a monumental and participatory public art piece from wood (10 feet in length and width, respectively) and acrylic paint.


Haider also experiments with filmmaking and photography in order to expand his visual vocabulary. Of Rituals and Rote, his 2016 film project, he uses two video installations in a loop using repetitions of movements and sounds as a motif to examine the realities of human life as manifested through recognizable objects and familiar actions. Haider is astutely aware of the cultural inferences that give meaning to contemporary art, and, accordingly, his practice is informed by Somali design aesthetic and uses visual experimentations in order to find solutions through new forms of expression.